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3 Movies That Deserve Your Time This Mid Week

By Binged Rashmi Paharia - January 16, 2020 @ 7:45 am

OTT IndiaWe’re well into the mid of January, and the days seem to be simply flying. 2019 is already a distant memory, and 2020, a distinct present, one that is flitting by at Godspeed.

That, in large part, is due to the flurry of riveting releases and compelling content being released in OTT, across streaming platforms, with astonishing alacrity. There’s so much content to watch in the online space, and so little time. Gives one a bad case of FOMO like nothing else can these days.

We bring you three movies freshly arrived in the web-scape, that deserve your time, and which will perk up your midweek!

1. V1 Murder Case – Tamil movie, Amazon Prime Video

Tamil movie V1 Murder Case is a murder mystery with a difference. The difference lies in the fact that Agni, the forensics officer investigating the murder case, is afflicted with nyctophobia – an intense fear of night or of darkness or of both.
Of course, that makes it all the more difficult for him to delve deeper into the case, that of the murder of a girl who was in a live-in relationship. Agni is assisted in the case by Luna, who is a headstrong girl with a strong resolve all of her own. V1 Murder Case is a gripping whodunit, with well-placed twists and turns. Released on 27th December 2019, it is a relatively new movie and certainly merits a watch.
Ram Arun Castro plays Agni, while Vishnupriya Pillai plays Luna. The movie is directed by Pavel Navageethan.

2. Kettiyolaanu Ente Malakha – Malayalam comedy, Amazon Prime Video

It is a delightfully cheesy story of a couple that discovers love after marriage. Sleevachan, a young farmer, marries out of duty towards his elderly mother, so that there’s someone to take care of her in his absence. The farmer has lived all his life as a doting brother and son to his four sisters and mother, and is uncomfortable with getting physical with his new bride. Eventually, and heartwarmingly, the couple discovers love after making some terribly silly mistakes. It is a simply and lyrical story that will give you a warm fuzzy feeling within.
Asif Ali plays Sleevachan, while Veena Nandhakumar plays his young bride.
The movie is directed by Nisam Basheer

3. Made In China, Hindi comedy, Netflix

Raghu Mehta is a Gujarati entrepreneur living with his loving wife Rukmini. Having tried and failed at all kinds of businesses, Raghu goes to China to seek new business avenues. He is coerced by his mentor to market a Chinese concoction, to Indian men, something like Viagra, that’ll solve all their sexual problems. The movie is a powerful indictment of sex-related taboos prevalent among people in India across all demographics. It is an intelligent comedy that leaves viewers with the message that sexual health is important, and preaches openness when it comes to talking about sexual problems. It is an intelligent comedy, made even more watchable by the sublime acting of the principal cast.
Starring Rajkummar Rao as Raghu and Mouni Roy as Rukmini, besides crucial roles by Boman Irani and Sumeet Vyas.

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