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6 Must Watch Malayalam Movies To Binge Watch On Amazon Prime

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - September 4, 2019 @ 8:39 pm

6-Must-Watch-Malayalam-Movies-To-Binge-Watch-On-Amazon-PrimeIt is no new revelation that Malayalam cinema is the front runner in giving content-driven highly engaging commercial movies. They have been doing this consistently since the arrival of new-age stars. The sheer variety of subjects at the disposal is mind-blowing. If you are new to Malayalam cinema and want to discover some gems, here is a list of six films available on Amazon Prime Video which you can binge-watch, at your leisure.

Virus (2019)

It is a medical-thriller based on Nipah Virus outbreak in Kerala. Featuring an ensemble cast that includes the names like Tovino Thomas, Kunchacko Boban, Parvathi and others, it deals with the paranoia caused by the Virus outbreak among various strata of society. The identification and eradication form the crux of the plot. Aashiq Abu has produced and directed the movie.

Kumbalangi Nights (2019)

It is a slice of life tale of four brothers from a backward community who live a disjointed life despite staying together. Each one has a story of their own going on that pulls them apart. How one of the brother’s love to a higher status girl brings them together is the core story. The acting is fabulous all around, but Fahadh Faasil steals the show with his unique portrayal of a self-loving and self-serving personality. Debutant Madhu C Narayanan has directed the movie.

Ishq (2019)

Another young talent, Anuraj Manohar made his debut with the movie Ishq. Shane Nigam who plays a crucial role of one of the brothers in Kumbalangi Nights plays the lead here. Ishq is not your average love story as the title might suggest. It deals with a topical issue like moral policing engagingly. The screenplay makes the film a winner.

Joseph (2018)

It is a thriller catered around a murder investigation. Joseph is a slow burner with neat suspense and acting by the lead cast. The M Padmakumar directorial won a state as well as National Award mention for the actor Joju George.

Vettah (2016)

It is another investigative thriller directed by Rajesh Pillai. Manju Warrior and Kunchacko Boban head the cast. Two police officers investigating the disappearance of a famous film actress is the basic premise of the movie.

Maheshinte Prathikaaram (2016)

Actor Dileesh Pothan (also featured in Joseph) makes his directorial debut with the movie starring Fahad Faasil in the lead. The multiple award-winning film is based on a real incident. A humiliated Mahesh vows never to wear his slipper until he gets the revenge.

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