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A Newspaper Column Inspires a Web-Series!

By TeamBinged    @binged_ - September 13, 2019 @ 7:42 pm

Amazon-Prime-Video's-next-big-international-series-Modern-Love-is-special-for-many-reasons-than-one.Amazon Prime Video’s next big international series Modern Love is special for many reasons than one. Interestingly, the inspiration for the series has come from a newspaper column (after which it was named) revolving around tales of romance and relationships in the current generation.

The New York Times column, on which the series is based, has a huge following in the public and big names have been associated with the series as well. Some of the top actors who’re part of the series include Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Dev Patel, Catherine Keener among many.

Each episode would run for approximately half an hour each and the stories discuss topics like a resurrection of marriage, pregnancy, to people from different professions hitting it off with each other, fidelity among many others. John Carney has directed the series that will stream on Prime Video from October 18.

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