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A Telugu Web Series Completely Shot in the USA

By Binged TeamBinged - September 12, 2019 @ 11:46 am

A Telugu Web Series Mymarapu Completely Shot in the USAThe beauty of the streaming space is the new possibilities it ensures by the day. While many know there’s an active Telugu film-enthusiast fraternity in Bay Area, New York and New Jersey and several other states of the US, their talent has been restricted to a few short films on Youtube that have had a restrictive audience base. The digital platforms and the evolution of the web-series format are helping bridge that gap.

Mymarapu, a seven-part Telugu web series, had recently released on Sony LIV much to the joy of streaming audiences. Interestingly, the wacky love story revolving around a guy with commitment issues has been entirely shot with Telugu-speaking actors in the US. The series has been directed by Sasanka Voleti, who also plays the lead role in Ram.

Though the series may not boast of a great story or production values, it has ensured the Indian filmmakers in the US a creative outlet to focus their attention towards plots unique to their region. Telugu people in the US have a lifestyle that’s different from their other cultural counterparts and it will be interesting to see more such stories in the future, albeit with more filmmaking finesse.

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