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Freshly Arrived: The Boldest Movie Of The Year

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - August 18, 2019 @ 7:02 pm

aadai Aame Movie Amazon Prime VideoOne can say without any doubt, that it is not one of the boldest, but the most audacious movie of the year. The film in question is nothing but Aadai, starring Amala Paul. It is now out on Amazon Prime Video.

The Rathna Kumar directorial is bold not only performance-wise for a female lead but for the idea itself. It is a unique one and not seen before, definitely. Amala Paul has done a sensational act that relied on her expressions primarily. The credit also must be given to the director for making one forget of the nudity and engaging in the narrative after a point.

Aadai, come into cinemas after a small hitch on July 19th. The concept, while unique, had its share of problems, which meant it was a difficult watch theatrically. The lack of run should be self-explanatory, therefore. However, for an online watch, it is a perfect one.

Amala Paul and the director Rathna Kumar got the most praise. Music director Pradeep Kumar’s effort follows them for the quirky and trippy background score. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, do give it a try for the weekend watch.

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