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Actors Work On Pan-Indian Appeal As Covid-19 Cases Continue To Surge!

By Binged Binged Bureau - May 6, 2021 @ 8:20 pm

Actors Work On Pan-Indian Appeal As Covid-19 Cases Continue To Surge!News broke out yesterday that Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko is making his Tamil film industry debut, later this year, by joining forces with Vijay on his 65th project, which has been tentatively titled ‘Thalapathy 65’. This is an example of the growing trend noticed among the Indian actors and actresses over the years (especially among South-Indian actors) – with them crossing over to different languages to increase their pan-Indian appeal. Covid-19 has only accelerated the shift with even Bollywood actors now making a shift to the popular South-Indian film industries.

The “crossing-over of actors” is a good thing, as it increases the actor’s fan base and his/ her pan-Indian appeal will grow, if the project is a success. Malayalam superstar Fahadh Faasil appeared in the 2019 super hit Tamil black comedy film ‘Super Deluxe’ which made him a household name among South Indians and he has now joined the Telugu thriller ‘Pushpa’ to play the film’s main antagonist opposite Allu Arjun. Even Sanjay Dutt (among others) has crossed Bollywood and entered Sandalwood to be a part of ‘K.G.F: Chapter 2’ as its major antagonist. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, people have a lot more free time than usual and superstars are using this time to grab their attention and increase their pan-Indian appeal with Shine Tom Chacko being the latest among them to do the same.

Fahadh Faasil was a part of two major OTT released films, ‘Irul’ and ‘Joji’ – the latter of which got him recognition all over the country. We expect that he got cast in ‘Pushpa’ (or the announcement for adding him to their cast) to ride on some of the popularity he received from ‘Joji’. Similarly, we expect that Shine Tom Chacko too got cast in ‘Thalapathy 65’ after the recent release of his brilliant low-key psychological thriller, ‘Love’. Of course, we don’t believe that is the only reason for the actor to join the cast; he has already proven his acting ability, time and time again in films such as ‘Ishq’ and ‘Unda’. We believe, because of the pandemic, the film’s casting director decided to choose an actor from a different film industry who has had a successful movie out recently (AKA ‘Love’). Him alongside Vijay – the main star of the action thriller, ‘Master’, which at one point was the World’s highest grossing theatrical release in 2021, will bring the popularity of their recent successes to ‘Thalapathy 65’.

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