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After Netflix And Amazon Prime Video, Its Eros Now’s Turn

By Binged TeamBinged - October 22, 2019 @ 6:06 pm

After Netflix And Amazon Prime Video, Its Eros Now’s TurnProviding content is one aspect of the streaming; the other is giving the best possible experience of viewing it. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is at the forefront in this regarding with the former being a step ahead.

The Indian streaming platforms are a bit behind in the above-mention aspect. Eros Now is finally taking the first step. It is one of the major Indian OTT platforms which provides content regularly. They have now decided to offer Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision facility to their streaming catalogue.

While some of the movies on Eros Now, already have this feature, it isn’t the case with the web series and other originals. That will change now as some are going to be available instantly with those high-end audio and video pleasures. While the Dolby Atmos could be available soon, it will take some time with Dolby Vision.

It goes without saying that users with compatible devices will get to enjoy the facilities. The latest smartphones are Television sets are coming with these technological advancements in place. The ones having them should have the additional benefit of viewing content with a fantastic sound and visual quality.

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