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AltBalaji Hits 20 Million Subscribers

By TeamBinged    @binged_ - August 10, 2019 @ 9:37 am

AltBalaji Hits 20 Million Subscribers

The digital wing of Balaji Telefilms, AltBalaji is continuing to grow to newer heights. The OTT platform in its quarterly report has stated that it has crossed 20 million subscribers.

Smart pricing and unique content are the significant reason for the growth. Unlike other platforms where the reach is mostly limited to the urban areas, it is also reflected in the production, AltBalaji targets an audience that outside the usual spectrum, the rural masses. The projects reflect the ideas that went behind them.

An example of Gandi Baat series is given to explain the vision. It is a show that contains raunchy tales from the village side. Mostly, it is a space that gets ignored, keeping the classy metropolitan audience in mind. The success of Altalaji, therefore, isn’t a big surprise.

AltBalaji has so far produced over forty original shows and is looking ahead to a much bigger number in collaboration with Zee5. The audience is happy as long as there are entertainment and masala in the right doses. And AltBalaji has been managing it adequately by focusing on the requirements of the viewers. They have the data; they know the market and competition, it is all about sustaining the growth for them withstanding the challenges of competition.

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