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Amazon’s Social Media Silence: Tandav Fallout Or The Family Man 2 Gimmick?

By Binged Binged Bureau - January 20, 2021 @ 8:08 pm

Amazon-Prime-Social-Media-Silence-Tandav-Fallout-Or-The-Family-Man-2-GimmickAmazon Prime Video’s social media has been eerily silent for the past two days. Save for a lone tweet on Twitter congratulating Team India on its stupendous victory in the India Australia test series, Amazon Prime Video’s Twitter handle has posted nothing — just nothing — for two whole days. Same is the scene with its official Instagram and Facebook handles. Just one post each, congratulating the Indian team. Which makes one wonder what the matter could be?

Is it the over blown-up Tandav controversy that has caused Amazon Prime Video to go absolutely silent on social media? Is the streaming giant so fed up of the raucous jibes at it, and of the calls to uninstall Amazon Prime Video that it has gone into a shell?

Or is it a marketing gimmick from Amazon Prime Video for the upcoming release of the hugely popular The Family Man 2 on 12th February? The teaser of the current season gives hints that primary protagonist, Intelligence Agent Shrikant Tiwari seems to be MIA. The slogan too is “Shrikant kahan hai?” Is this why Amazon Prime Video’s social media handles are MIA too?

The platform was supposed to drop the trailer for The Family Man 2 yesterday. Neither the trailer is forthcoming, nor any explanation or clarity from Amazon Prime Video on the reason for not launching the trailer on the date they had promised.

We think the reason for Amazon Prime Video’s social media silence is the Tandav Controversy. It has been blown out of proportion, with everyone from the police to the courts to the Central government getting involved in the matter. Well, we can only hope that Amazon Prime Video comes back stronger and surer than ever before on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It’ll be a good idea to remember at this time that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!