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Freshly Arrived: A Fairly Satisfying Thrilling (Partial)-Biopic

By Binged TeamBinged - September 17, 2019 @ 5:20 pm

Kannada film Chambal that is partly based on the life of renowned IAS officer DK Ravi is out for streaming. It is available on Amazon Prime Video. The movie stars Satish Ninasam and Sonu in the lead.

The makers of the film have not officially acknowledged Chambal being a biopic. But, anyone who has seen the movie and followed the life of DK Ravi would find the similarities. It is not an exact retelling, instead of taken as an inspiration.

Jacob Varghese directed the movie which hit the screens earlier in the year in Kannada. It is a thriller set in the administrative backdrop. The focus is primarily on the character of the lead essayed by Satish. He plays an honest officer who faces hurdled by the system.

What works in the movie is ‘system’ and the world created by Jacob and the writing. The realistic flavour adds the edge. The supporting cast has the right roles, which are the mainstay of the whole movie. The run time is less than two hours which keeps the narrative crisp.

Chambal is a neat one-time watch for its realistic approach. It will be better of hard-hitting dramas based on real-life is among your favoured genres. It is another excellent example of a good movie to binge-watch in that space.

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