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And Now, Flipkart Joins The Streaming Bandwagon

By TeamBinged    @binged_ - August 6, 2019 @ 1:07 pm

And Now, Flipkart Joins The Streaming Bandwagon

Every major player worth its salt is looking to stake a claim at the exploding digital market scenario in India. The good news for them is that it is expected to boomerang further in the coming few years.

The latest entrant in the digital space is Flipkart – an e-commerce giant in India. Flipkart’s backer Walmart is planning to launch a streaming service Flipkart Videos to take on its opponent Amazon Prime Video.

The technological infrastructure is currently being set up as Flipkart plans to launch it by Diwali later in the year. The idea behind this move seems to be to hold the attention of the youngsters across various stratus in India who spend a lot of time online along with shopping. Amazon has been successfully able to integrate shopping with video content and music as well.

However, unlike Amazon or Netflix or other rival platforms, Flipkart Videos will be a free service that will rely on the ads to earn. Also, in the initial stages, it is not going to produce any original content and would be leasing content from Disney, and others. We have to wait and see if Flipkart Videos manage to grab attention or not.

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