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Armie Hammer ‘Replaced’ in Julia Roberts’ Watergate Drama ‘Gaslit’

By Binged Binged Bureau - April 2, 2021 @ 1:07 pm

Armie Hammer ‘Replaced’ in Julia Roberts’ Watergate Drama ‘Gaslit’The dashing UK-born actor Dan Stevens recently replaced the controversy-ridden actor Armie Hammer in the forthcoming television series ‘Gaslit’. The show revolves around the infamous Watergate scandal of the 1970s, that ultimately led to the resignation of U.S. President Richard Nixon. The show is based on the opening season of Slate’s award-winning podcast ‘Slowburn’ and is undoubtedly one of Dan Stevens’ most content-driven roles till date.

‘The Lone Ranger’ actor Armie Hammer was supposed to essay the role of former White House counsel John Dean, a multi-layered role that Dan Stevens would now enact. Stevens was previously seen portraying the role of Matthew Crawley in the British period drama ‘Downtown Abbey’. He was also appreciated for playing the titular role in the 2014 mystery-thriller film ‘The Guest’.

The politically-charged show, which is reckoned to be a modern take revolving around untold stories and forgotten characters apropos the Watergate scandal, will feature accomplished actors Sean Penn and Julia Roberts in prominent roles. Matt Ross, who directed the 2016 thought-provoking film ‘Captain Fantastic’ (led by the brilliant Viggo Mortenson), has again gone behind the camera for ‘Gaslit’.

While the Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn (The Mystic River, Milk) will be essaying the role of President Richard Nixon’s loyal attorney general John Mitchell, the show will predominantly revolve around Julia Roberts’s character Martha Mitchell, the socialite wife of John Mitchell, who was reportedly held captive following the Watergate burglary to forestall the possibility of linking the scandal to the President.

‘Notting Hill’ star Julia Roberts, whose last prominent role was in the Golden Globes nominated psychological-thriller show ‘Homecoming’, had also won an Oscar back in the year 2001, for her performance in the biographical drama ‘Erin Brockovich’.

Gaslit’s release date has not been disclosed yet. So, keep watching this space for more updates on the show.