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Trailer Talk: Eerie, Disturbing And Suspenseful

By TeamBinged    @binged_ - July 25, 2019 @ 3:34 pm

Barot-House-Tailer-talkAfter a short teaser that offered some intrigue and revealed nothing, Zee5 has now come out with a full trailer showing much more details about Borat House. The thriller stars Amit Sadh and Manjiri Fadnnis in the lead.

The first impression that one gets watching the trailer is that of eeriness and suspense. A horrific incident seems to have occurred, which has shaken up a peaceful world of the family. Amit Sadh is terrific in his part. He is looking to give something different than his usual.

What would make the trailer chilling further is the fact that it is supposed to be inspired by real incidents? The scenes towards the end between father and son are shocking when seen with that view. The content, based on the glimpses has enough to provide an engaging fare.

Apart from Amit Sadh and Manjiri, child actors Aaryan Menghji, Kierra Soni, and Kisha Arora play vital roles. Bugs Bhargava helms Barot House. Sanjeev K Jha has written the Zee5 Original which will stream online from August 7th.

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