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Binge Alert: Three Spy Thrillers To Watch This September

By Binged TeamBinged - September 5, 2019 @ 6:13 pm

The Spy (Netflix) - The Family Man (Amazon Prime Original) - Bard of Blood (Netflix)The month of September will see the arrival of three prominent ‘spy’ thrillers. Two of them happen to be from India. Another aspect of interest here is the contrasting style each takes in narrating a story that seems very familiar.

The Spy (Netflix) – September 6th

The first to arrive on the scene is The Spy. It is a Netflix original film that offers a serious narrative. The spy here is played by Sacha Baron-Cohen who is well known for his comedic parts. Many might be aware of his Borat, and Bruno acts which are rip-roaring hilarious. The Spy is a serious part from start to end and shows a different dimension to the actor. Based on the trailer, we have to say he looks ‘seriously’ good in doing this as well.

The Spy debuts on Netflix on September 6th. Take a look at the trailer.

The Family Man (Amazon Prime Original) – September 20th

Director duo Raj & DK are known for their zany sense of humour. They have touched various genres ranging from thrillers, rom-com, zombie-action and horror –comedies. Irrespective of the commercial status, the movies and the writing have developed a cult following.

Now, Raj & DK are venturing into the ‘spy’ space with The Family Man. The casting of Manoj Bajpayee as the spy in the lead seals the deal as far as reliable performance is concerned. The trailer gives us a promise of solid content which is right in their zone with the quirky humour intact. That is also where it defers from The Spy which we mentioned above. Check it out below. The Family Man streams from September 20th on Amazon Prime Video.

Bard of Blood (Netflix) – September 27th

Netflix and Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chilli’s Production collaboration is one of the most buzzing shows currently. Ever since its trailer came out, there has been a furore over it. It is due to SRK backing the ‘Indian spy’ content as a producer.

Unlike the above two, Bard of Blood looks pure commercial and in masala zone. There will be seriousness, but overall, a mass tone has been adapted besides giving a makeover to Emran Hashmi. The rest of the cast is very impressive, and it looks like an all-out entertainer overall.

Take a look at the trailer. Bard of Blood directed by Ribhu Dasgupta streams on Netflix from September 27th.

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