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Coming Up: Exclusive OTT Platform For Indie Films!

By Binged Binged Bureau - August 5, 2020 @ 5:50 pm

Coming Up: Exclusive OTT Platform For Indie Films!All you Indie film fans out there, rejoice. The Movement of Independent Cinema (MIC), a group of independent filmmakers and film enthusiasts, have decided to launch “Indyscreen”, an OTT platform which will showcase only indie films.

With the lockdown causing a lot of theaters to shut down and the increase in the number of people watching on OTT streaming services, the MIC president Santhosh Babusenan said he got the idea to launch Indyscreen because of the hype surrounding OTTs. Indie movies which have regularly been ignored by theaters and mainstream platforms like Television; opening an OTT platform will help in encouraging independent filmmakers to create more content and allow indie film enthusiasts to gain easier access to them. This will hopefully encourage more filmmakers (both fledgling and experienced) to venture out into the indie scene.

The MIC is primarily a Malayalam Indie Film Group, so Indyscreen is expected to have a huge collection for Malayalam indie films in it’s library, says Santhosh. But he said, they won’t limit themselves to just one language or even just independent movies. They are planning on releasing short films and documentaries from all around the world and are planning to venture into other language as well.

The MIC itself is quite a young group, which was formed recently in last December. Their aim is to give a great film experience and not be motivated by business interests. Their target audience is quite clear as well, which is good for the organization. They hope to raise enough money to help provide funds for indie filmmakers, who struggle regularly for finances, so that they can continue to produce great content.

Legendary filmmaker Adoor Gopalakrishnan inaugurated the first meeting held in MIC in December and film director Shaji N. Karun unveiled it’s logo. The MIC is planning to charge Rs 100 per subscription (of Indyscreen). The OTT will launch in the first week of September.

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