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Did You Know That ‘The Family Man’ & ‘Loki’ Have An Unique Connection?

By Binged Binged Bureau - June 9, 2021 @ 1:46 pm

Did You Know That ‘The Family Man’ & ‘Loki’ Has An Unique Connection?Who knew that the most talked about Indian show and the most awaited international show could have an unique connection? Even when both the contents are completely of different genres. Yes folks, we are talking about The Family Man on Amazon Prime Video and Loki on Disney+ Hotstar.

Now what could possibly be the connection between an espionage thriller series and a superhero series? Turns out both the series have a connection with the Indian city of ‘Chennai’. You don’t believe us, right?

Let us decode the same for you. The season 2 of The Family Man, which has already garnered critical acclaim in terms of story, direction and acting since its release last week on 4th June, had its fair share of controversy, mainly associated around a certain community of Tamil people. But, to talk about the Chennai connection, if you have watched the show, you know that the majority of the show is shot in Chennai and Tamil Nadu with a number of Tamil people associated with the season 2 of The Family Man. The core story of season 2 is based in Chennai, where in the beginning, Srikant’s partner DK gets tangled in a hostage situation, then in the middle, from scheduling PM’s meeting to prepare for attacking the PM, the entire series revolves in Chennai.

Now if we talk about Loki, it also has a unique Chennai connection. The person who immortalized the character ‘Loki‘, British actor Tom Hiddleston had a candid interview recently, which was revealed by the twitter handle of Disney+ Hotstar where he talked about a few things including his own connection with the city of Chennai. When he was asked which is his favourite Indian City, he promptly responded that it’s Chennai. He also Revealed that his Akka(Elder sister) used to live there and as a matter of fact, he has been to Chennai a few times. He concluded by saying, “Chennai is Great”. He has also geeked out when he was asked about Bollywood as he replied he is a fan of Shahrukh Khan.

I mean this is uniquely amusing that an Indian series which created buzz just weeks ago would have such a little yet amazing connection with an international series based on Superheroes which is releasing today in India via Disney+ Hotstar. And if you want more of ‘Loki’ with Chennai connection, you can get it by tuning into Disney+ Hotstar Premium where the first episode of the same is already live.

You can also check out the tweet from Disney+ Hotstar where Hiddleston is talking about his Chennai connection:

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