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Eros Now’s ‘Infected 2030’ Highlights the Stressful Effects of a Pandemic

By Binged Binged Bureau - May 18, 2021 @ 1:52 pm

Eros Now's 'Infected 2030' Highlights the Stressful Effects of a PandemicWe are living in times of a pandemic and it has not only affected our physical but also our mental and emotional well-being. Every week we hear the news and are forced to stay indoors to protect ourselves and the ones that we love. Eros Now’s ‘Infected 2030’ shows the plight of a couple who have to be apart from each other despite staying in the same house because the female has infected the virus and there are no beds available in the hospital.

Even though the name may be ‘Infected 2030’ all of it is deeply reminiscent of what we are going through right now. Humans are social animals and there is an innate wanderlust in most of us as we like to explore different places. The pandemic has forced us to halt everything that we took for granted and has taught us the value of all those things which we simply overlooked.

Infected 2030 is written and directed by Chandan P Singh. It stars Chandan P Singh and Noyrika Bhateja. It is produced by Chandan P Singh and Rahul Datta.

Infected 2030 is a story of survival and fear but more importantly, it is a story of love. Watch this heart-warming story of a couple who are trying to keep it together despite everything that is happening around them. It highlights the new obstacles that have come up in recent times where an almost invisible enemy is raking havoc over everything and though it may seem tough right now together, we shall overcome it.

Infected 2030 will stream on Eros Now on 20th May.

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