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Five Things You Need to Know About New Netflix Fantasy Drama, Locke and Key

By Binged Rashmi Paharia - February 7, 2020 @ 4:19 pm

Locke and Key - NetflixThere has been tremendous buzz around the new Netflix show called Locke And Key. The show is a fantasy drama that enters the realm of the mystical and the supernatural, via numerous magical keys that hold fantastical powers, and are potent pieces of weaponry; so potent that a powerful evil entity wants to get its hands on all of them.

The show premieres on Netflix today, and before you decide to binge-watch it, here are five things you need to know about Locke And Key –

1. Locke And Key is a series adapted from the very popular graphic comic books, created by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, and published by publishing company IDW in 2008. The comics consist of six volumes in all, and have received multiple publishing awards.

2. Both Hulu and Fox wished to commission a series based on the graphic comics. Pilots had even been filmed for both, but the projects fizzled out in planning stage, before Netflix came into the picture, and the result is this new show.

3. The show is all about magical keys and the powers they grant. Each key grants a specific power. The Ghost Key allows one to leave their body and zip around in spirit form. The Gender Key lets them change their gender. The Anywhere Key lets one go anywhere just by imagining its door. These and many other keys, such as Head Key, Echo Key, Shadow Key, Timeshift Key, Mending Key, add magical intrigue to the show.

4. The comics have been adapted for the live-action version by Carlton Cuse, of Lost fame, and Meredith Averill, of Haunting of Hill House fame.

4. The show stars actors Connor Jessup as Tyler Locke, Emilia Jones as his sister Kinsey, Jackson Robert Scott as their younger brother Bode, and Darby Stanchfield as their mother Nina.

All ten episodes of Season 1 of Locke And Key arrive on Netflix today, that is 7th February.

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