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From Weeping Sissies To Vengeful Missies: OTT Empowers Women Like Never Before

By Binged Binged Bureau - January 15, 2021 @ 1:00 pm

From-Weeping-Sissies-To-Vengeful-Missies--OTT-Empowers-Women-Like-Never-BeforeFor years now, the entertainment industry, specifically the TV industry has banked on the woman playing the super honest, fighter, “gharelu” lady who needs to fall deep in love and gets married to the man of her dreams and all the issues of her in-laws are now hers. She will be portrayed as someone who is this security shield for her husband and family, while she is fully decked up with brand new sarees all the time.

As years went by, they thought that we at least needed to change the image of the women a bit and they started doing it by showing an attitude that reflects purity, strength, righteousness, basically someone who is “Sarvagunn Sampanna”. This is when the much needed shift from TV to OTT started to happen, people had enough of the saas-bahu drama and even if there was a youth led show, it will always be about love no matter where they are. The content needed a change and OTT provided for it.

In the recent years, there was a boom in the OTT industry and the content here overpowered any other kind of content out there. This hence led to the entry of the famous ladies of TV into the OTT scenes, which apparently is the perfect thing. As an actor, one should experience and know how characters are different and what response they get. For the ‘bahus’ of the TV, it wasn’t like that. This is why OTT gave a much needed freedom to them.

Yes, some definitely need a change too in the type of OTT content they are choosing but we are sure they will come around. Even big actors like Sushmita Sen, when ready for a comeback, made it through the much loved ‘Aarya’, which was a breath of fresh air for having the leading lady play a completely different character. That was a brilliant expression for showing women empowerment in some way.

India is a country that has one of the highest youth population and to influence them with content that doesn’t reflect any sort empowerment or doesn’t show how things can be changed will be really wrong. This is where most people see and gain knowledge from no matter what others say. The right content when put in the right direction can make a great impact.