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Gaurav Gupta’s ‘Market Down Hai’ on Amazon Prime Promises a Laughter Riot!

By Binged Binged Bureau - May 11, 2021 @ 5:31 pm

Gaurav Gupta's 'Market Down Hai' on Amazon Prime Promises a Laughter Riot!Amazon Prime and many of the other platforms are trying to capture the younger audiences with their focus on stand-up comedians as the country seems to be surrounded by a wave of comedians who are looking to spread laughter and positivity.

Amazon Prime Video is about to release another stand-up comedy special that features ‘Gaurav Gupta’ called ‘Market Down Hai’. The comedy special promises to be a hilarious ride as he talks about his experiences as a parent, husband, son, and more.

Gaurav Gupta has previously also appeared in the ‘Great India Laughter Challenge’. Gaurav Gupta is also pretty well known with his YouTube channel as it has more than 3 lakh subscribers and most of his videos have several lakh views already.

Amazon Prime and Netflix have both been trying to get a good share of the stand-up scene for a time now with almost every reputable comedian getting a special on either one of the platforms. ‘Market Down Hai’ will be part of the Amazon Funnies in a long lineup of upcoming comedians who have used their sarcasm and wit to give people food for thought along with a little bit of laughter.

In times like these, we could use anything that can bring a smile to our face as we are all fighting against a deadly disease that not only takes a toll on us physically but also mentally and emotionally. The performers in every society play an important role in society as they momentarily distract us from the troubles of the world.

‘Market down hai’ featuring Gaurav Gupta will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on 14th May.

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