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Trailer Talk: Raw And Gritty Tale

By TeamBinged    @binged_ - October 4, 2019 @ 1:47 pm

Gods Of Dharmapuri (G.O.D) Trailer

The trailer of Anish Kuruvilla debut web series, Gods Of Dharmapuri (GOD) is out. It is exactly what one has imaged based on the snippets that have come out regarding the show.

One look and we know, it is going to be a raw, rustic and gritty tale. The visuals are in line with, almost atypical, of the movies or series, that are made in such backdrop. The costumes too give a seen before vibe. It means it all up to the writing and new story to make the narrative engaging.

The small glimpses that we get on the writing department do give a little hope. However, Anish had in the past failed in a similar attempt to make a hard-hitting, realistic tale with Avakai Biryani. GOD looks better based on the trailer comparatively.

The cast also looks excellent, and so is the background score. The latter, along with the music, has been outstanding in Anish Kuruvilla’s other directorial attempts too.

Check out the trailer below. It is a Zee5 original. It looks way better than anything that has come on this platform from Telugu. GOD starring Satya Dev in the lead will start to stream from October 23rd.

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