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Guess Which Country Has The Biggest Content Library For Disney Plus!

By Binged Binged Bureau - January 13, 2021 @ 7:51 am

Disney+ HotstarDisney+ has become a brand in itself in its very few days of existence. It was only in 2019 that it came into existence, for many western countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand etc. it would have been unfair if Disney+ didn’t spread its wings to reach India. It came a bit late but it most definitely came. In India, though Disney+ wasn’t a separate entity at all, it became a part of Hotstar which transformed the latter‘s name into “Disney+Hotstar”.

It was an undeniable fact for us Indians, that Hotstar would join hands with Disney+ as since Hotstar’s inception all Disney related content was released through Hotstar in India, which included various Marvel, Star Wars, X-Men, HBO and other content too. Recently a website “What’s On Disney Plus” revealed the amount of content Disney+ had in its various forms in all the different countries that it existed in.

The list consisted of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, UK/Ireland, France, Spain, India, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico. This is where the number game starts; it was revealed that as of Jan 6th 2021 India has the biggest Disney+ library with over 3000 titles. The reason is very self explanatory though, Disney+ is associated with Hotstar and Hotstar already has been a standalone and singular brand itself, way before Disney+ joined. It has its own share of contents. Starting from all the regional contents that it shows and also various licensed streaming from HBO and others. It was only natural for Hotstar to have the highest or at least have one of the highest library content.

Disney+Hotstar also exist in Indonesia but it doesn’t have such a great variety, when it comes to content. As of the other countries Disney+ comes as a standalone streaming app, which makes it understandable that it still hasn’t had many titles. This also differs with the country the app is in. As the country changes, so does some of the content that’s in the library.

Besides India, USA, Canada, Australia has the highest Disney+ content. India in future will most definitely reign when it comes to content as we have already reported in our earlier articles, how Disney+ is eyeing India and is giving special preferences since it knows the highest amount of subscriptions in Disney+ comes through Disney+Hotstar. It is said that in future, they will be planning a few things that will help bring more subscriptions into the pocket.