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Here’s How Stealing Is Part Of The Business For OTT Platforms

By Binged Binged Bureau - June 27, 2020 @ 8:55 am

OTT Platforms Stealing Viwer user dataWhat we do or watch, while enjoying our stay on an OTT platform is an integral part of their business. It is nothing but stealing the data of the user (or rather a customer).

Have you ever stopped watching a show or the movie on an OTT platform in the middle or at any other point? How long did you watch a video, where did you pause it or discontinued watching it? The number of episodes from a series or a film fully viewed by a person – all these data is tracked to minute details by specially hired people by the OTT giants.

It is data that is derived from such observations that determine the business of OTT platform. They get an idea regarding the content that the viewers like to watch. The subjects and the prices for acquiring or producing are also determined by the audience watching habits.

The demography also plays a crucial role in bringing the content to an OTT platform. The ones who spend a lot of time mean a lot to the OTT players. They are the cash cows and the deciding factor in the larger share of content that’s visible online.

In short, you, as a viewer, determine the content you watch, and you might be entirely unaware of it. Everything works in a cyclic manner.

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