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Exclusive: How the Digital Medium Unveiled a New Dimension to Nandini Reddy!

By Binged Srivathsan Nadadhur - December 2, 2019 @ 10:44 pm

How-the-Digital-Medium-Unveiled-a-New-Dimension-to-Nandini-Reddy!Director Nandini Reddy took a plunge into the digital medium out of the blue and was game to experiment with new-age tales when the streaming platforms weren’t the order of the day. No mainstream storyteller had enough faith to invest his/her time in a webisode narrative then.

Gangstars and Mana Mugguri Love Stories may not have been super successes, but all her experience came into use for the filmmaker who’s gearing up for the release of her regional version of Lust Stories in the coming year.

In a chat with Binged.com, Nandini was as frank as she could get:

“The beauty of the digital space is that there are no boundaries. There’s no safe zone for a writer or a director. Going all out and breaking conventions work best in this medium. I found this to be a comfort-space.”

Over the years, she had felt that the range for a storyteller with cinema is quite limited and one has to play within a commercial zone for a story to make money:

“Lust Stories helped unravel a side to me that I never knew even existed. I completely shed my skin as a writer. I kept discovering newer aspects of my personality through this process. The brand’s trust had given me all the freedom to explore newer paths. Cinema wouldn’t have let me do this by any chance.”

She had high words of praise for Anish Kuruvilla’s web series Gods of Dharmapuri and called it a revelation in the regional digital space.

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