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Jeetendra Kumar Fights His Phobia of Dogs for Cheesecake

By Binged Rashmi Paharia - December 1, 2019 @ 9:48 am

Jeetendra Kumar Fights His Phobia of Dogs for CheesecakeWe all know Jeetendra Kumar as a consummate actor who effortlessly slips into the skin of the character he’s playing. We’ve seen him in action in his popular web outings such as Kota Factory, TVF Pitchers and Permanent Roommates, where he’s literally transformed himself to fit the myriad roles he portrays on screen.

This trait of his has endeared him to the sizeable number of his fans, but proved to be the most difficult maneuver for him in his latest web series, Cheesecake. That is because the story revolves around a married couple’s stress-laden life, which takes a turn for the better with the arrival of a new canine member – a dog named Cheesecake. And guess what….Jeetu Bhaiya has a phobia of dogs!

In an interview to TV18, Jitendra Kumar revealed that a childhood incident triggered a phobia of dogs in him. His maternal aunt’s dog bit him when he was visiting her in the vacations. He was just a kid then and the experience caused a life-long fear of dogs to take root in him.

All that changed, however, when he decided to take up the challenge of performing in a web series with a dog as co-protagonist. The dog trainer and the creative team gave Jeetendra Kumar two days and umpteen warm up sessions, which finally helped him to fight his phobia and get comfortable around the canine.

Phew, the things our favourite actors have to do to bring us innovative and clutter-breaking content is truly astounding. And digital viewers sure are glad for it, since it makes the actor more real and the narrative more relatable.

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