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Trailer Talk: Sets Expectations Of A Chilling Tale

By TeamBinged    @binged_ - May 17, 2019 @ 1:01 pm

Leila Trailer Talk - Sets Expectations Of A- Chilling TaleThe trailer of Netflix’s new Indian original series Leila is out. All the expectations that have been set before the trailer courtesy the posters, synopsis, and teaser are met with a resounding yes.

The bleak dystopian setting, the actors and the performances are sure to leave a chilling impression in one’s mind based on the trailer. It sets the right anticipation for the series. Also, there is a vast potential to be controversial at the same time.

The visible texture of Hinduism and its demonising can’t be missed from the trailer. That alone should be enough for a segment to be up in arms, but the content shows the presence of further more ammunition for the same set to create brouhaha.

Deepa Mehta is not new to such controversies though, as many of her films in the past have faced the wrath of a segment that ultimately led to the banning of those movies. It is the reason why she seeks outside producers for her films. Netflix, therefore, presents her the right platform.

Leila has a strong cast, and the making looks fabulous as well. Check out the trailer below. The series will stream online from June 14th. Let’s see what happens in the month ahead, given the content that is being presented.

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