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Make Way People, Youtube Originals Are Here!

By TeamBinged    @binged_ - August 17, 2019 @ 5:53 pm

Make-Way-People,-Youtube-Originals-Are-Here!It’s been long that Youtube originals were announced on the streaming site earlier this year and a few of them have even begun premiering for select premium users. But after a lull, there’s seems to be some good news for everyone now. Starting September 24, all users can watch the originals on the Google-owned site. Hey, but there’s a catch!

While premium users can watch the originals with an enhanced video quality without the ads, free users will have to get past the ads and okayish video quality to enjoy the originals. Youtube’s reach in the digital space has been unparalleled and it’ll be interesting to see how this shape the market in the Indian scenario.

In addition, the premium subscribers will also have access to director’s cut of the originals and possibly, can watch all episodes at once, a luxury that free users may not have. In India, the charges per month range between Rs 79 and Rs 189 depending upon the credentials – student, family and no of active users being a few. Let’s wait to see how this fares!

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