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Manchu Lakshmi Set To Uncover Dark Secrets Of TFI Stars

By Binged TeamBinged - September 16, 2019 @ 9:42 pm

Manchu-Lakshmi-Set-To-Uncover-Dark-Secrets-Of-TFI-StarsThe deliciously scandalous chat show Feet Up With the Stars is coming to woo the Telugu audience. Manchu Lakshmi is going to host the show, which is very different from the usual talk shows we see.

The whole set up of Feet up With The Stars is unique. It does away with the couch entirely and instead; we have a bed. The stars also appear in their pyjamas and night outfit instead of the usual designer suits and casual wears.

The host and the guest then pull up the sheet and discuss juicy gossips and provocative stuff that the star usually encounters in his line of work. They are often scandalous and carry a lot of dirty talks which makes it unlike anything seen before.

Feet Up With The Stars streams on Voot. It has successfully completed two seasons with great response. Fashion designer and style icon in her own right Anaita Shroff is the host of the show featuring Bollywood stars. In Telugu, Manchu Lakshmi is replacing her. It will be interesting to see how the Telugu actors appearing on the show manage to raise to that level.

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