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Early Impression: Edge Of The Seat Entertainment

By TeamBinged    @binged_ - July 21, 2019 @ 4:47 pm

Money Heist 3 - Early Impression- Edge Of The Seat Entertainment

The third season or rather the third part of the on-going heist thriller Money Heist is out on Netflix. The premise of the third season was made clear from the trailer itself, and it also promises lots of thrill in the process. Well, we have to say, Money Heist 3 lives up to the promise as it delivers an edge of the seat entertainment.

When the police catch Rio, the gang is assembled again by Professor. Together, they not only plan to get Rio out but also want to end staying in the dark, fearing the police. They are branded as terrorists, and the Professor wants to make them heroes. It somehow involves them pulling off one of the most impossible and greatest of robberies.

The first episode sets the pace for what is to follow, and it is relentless. The screenplay structure is the same as the past two seasons. It is an excellent asset to the series. But sometimes the same format robs off the fun as we soon began to feel that we are being led in the wrong direction intentionally.

Still, the crisp narration, slick making and editing with neat twists make everything worthwhile and thoroughly satisfying so far. The curiosity as to what will happen next and how the plan of the professor will be fulfilled will make one instantly jump to the next episode.

The various characters this time seem a bit of a drag, especially the one involving Denver. It appears to be overdone so far. Also, the professor has a little less dramatic arc, at least so far, compared to the last two seasons. Let us see how it unfolds in the coming episodes. For now, everything is alright keeping the minor blemishes all right.

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