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More – Love Death And Robots, In Volume 2

By TeamBinged    @binged_ - June 11, 2019 @ 6:16 pm

More - Love Death And Robots, In Volume 2Here is a reason to rejoice for the lovers of animation anthology series Love, Death and Robots. The series has been renewed for a new season by Netflix, and it’s termed as volume 2.

Love, Death And Robots were praised for its outrageous and bombastic over the top creatively imagined anime shorts. The concepts were thrilling for the most part, and the animation was splendid. The excessive usage of violence and graphical nudity did garner some negativity but by and large people were satisfied.

The volume two of the adult-animation series will be taken care of by Jennifer Yuh Nelson of Kung Fu Panda series. More details about when it will start and get ready for debut are not available right now. However, many are expecting the second volume to appear online next year around the same time Love, Death And Robots were out.

The first season had in its credits big names like Tim Miller, David Fincher as producers. It is not clear yet if they continue with the same position or new people are going to replace them. Whatever be the case, there will be high expectations and standard to meet for the “Volume 2”.

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