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More Setback For Netflix Users

By Binged TeamBinged - May 15, 2019 @ 2:44 pm

Netflix - AT&TThe Netflix users who love to binge watch the classic popular series like Friends, The Office will be disappointed to know that very soon they won’t be available on the streaming platform. In a movie by rival companies, who are going to start their streaming service soon, the classic shows are set to be removed.

AT & T which has plans to start it’s streaming service has decided to take down the content it owns, and that is currently available on other platforms like Netflix and Hulu etc. The content that they have is part of the deal AT & T made with Time Warner last year.

In the recent past, Netflix faced a similar problem when all the existing Disney content was removed from its platform. What’s more even fan popular new series involving the Marvel comics were removed resulting in a huge uproar among the fans.

The availability of the own platform for the creators of the pre-existing classic shows is going to be a massive problem for the likes of Netflix and others. The shows have enormous popularity and generate significant views for the streaming site. It will be interesting to see how they combat their loss.

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