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For The First Time Ever, Netflix Censors A Hollywood Movie In India

By Binged Binged Bureau - June 27, 2020 @ 6:50 pm

First Time Ever, Netflix Censors A Hollywood Movie In India - Mission Impossible Fallout movieFor the first time ever to happen with Netflix, the streaming giant has censored the Hollywood film, ‘Mission Impossible; Fallout’, before streaming it in India. Surprised? We were too, when we realised the implications of the aforementioned. Netflix almost never censors its content, and never ever for a Hollywood film; unless, of course, if specifically requested by the Government of a country. Self-censorship at Netflix is almost a non-existent entity. Then why?

Well, readers will be surprised to know that the censored portions all happen to do with Kashmir. Prominent among scenes that have been cut are those where the term India-controlled Kashmir is mentioned in the movie.

The climax of Mission Impossible: Fallout is set entirely in the backdrop of Kashmir. But missing from the narrative is a scene that shows a map of India, with specific focus on the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir. Reason? The map is not in sync with the Indian Government’s version of the borders of Kashmir.

Interesting, isn’t it. Does this signify that Netflix is ready to go against its basic tenets to not antagonize its viewers in India or even the Indian government?

Already, it is reeling from the outcry against the movie Chhipa that had streamed on Netflix in May, which referred to a monkey as Hindu deity, Hanuman.

Earlier this year, Netflix had censored the historical drama series ‘Vikings’ in India. It had blurred out two roasted pigs that could be seen in the foreground of a banquet scene.

But censoring a Hollywood film in India is definitely a first for the streamer, and self-censorship at that. Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus Hotstar are known to practise self-censorship in India, so as not to hurt the sentiments of the Indian public.

It may be recalled that when Mission Impossible: Fallout had released in theatres in India back in 2018, the censored CBFC-approved version of the movie had played on screens here. The same censored version is now streaming on Netflix.

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