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Netflix India’s Top 10 Films and Series to Watch in the 10th May Week!

By Binged Binged Bureau - May 11, 2021 @ 7:08 pm

Netflix India's Top 10 Films and Series May WeekNetflix keeps coming out with new titles regularly and at times it can seem hard to keep up with all of them which is why we create a special list of the top trending movies and series on Netflix every week for your ease and comfort.

Top 10 movie on Netflix India this week



There was some crazy hype surrounding this film as it was coming to Netflix and occupies the top spot in Netflix India’s top 10 list. The story revolves around 3 officers who become pawns for powerful lawmakers with sinister intentions. These officers are framed in an incident during the political elections and they must flee to evade arrest.


2.Ajeeb Daastaans

Ajeeb Daastaans is filled with some power-packed performers and it has been getting a lot of credit for the kind of impact it has created on the audiences. Ajeeb Daastaans is a collection of 4 short stories that explore the various triggers that prompt people to project their uncomfortable emotions in a troubled or fractured relationship. It talks about the toxicity that can be created in relationships if the wounds don’t heal in time.

The Legend of Tarzan

3.The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan is another classic that is adapted for the big screen with a twist and is certainly managing to create some waves in Netflix India. Tarzan who was raised in the jungle by Apes lives among civilization for some time in 19th Century London. After some time he returns to the wild Congo and is forced to face the colonialists.

Ram Prasad ki Tehrvi

4.Ram Prasad ki Tehrvi

Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi is a quirky tale of a multigenerational family that reunites for a funeral after a long time. There are conflicts, confrontations, and complications as the film takes us on an emotional rollercoaster along with chunks of humour. The stellar cast of veterans makes it worth it.

G.I Joe: Retaliation

5.G.I Joe: Retaliation

G.I Joe: Retaliation is an all-star affair with an action-packed storyline. It is the sequel to G.I joe: The Rise Of The Cobra. The story revolves around a team of elite warriors who are tasked with taking down some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world but things take a downward spiral when they are framed for illicit activities and face up against a mercenary called ‘Zartan’

Madam Chief Minister

6.Madam Chief Minister

This Richa Chadda starrer may not have fared very well in the box office but still finds a spot in Netflix India’s Top 10 movies list. A tenacious woman has to face it all in her path to the top as she learns that great powers bring along with them even greater responsibilities. This political drama shows us the gritty world of politics.



Another movie that comes out from the ‘Stree’ universe, Roohi is set to take Netflix India by storm as it finds itself in Netflix India’s Top 10 list again. In this unique tale, two close friends are forced to kidnap a bride but things start to take a different turn when one of them falls for the abductee whereas the other friend falls in love with the spirit that is possessing her.

Time to Dance

8.Time to Dance

Time to dance stars Sooraj Pancholi in a lead role and has an emotional thread tied throughout the story. a ballroom dancer’s shot at an important tournament is put into jeopardy and a street dancer must fight his past demons so that he can fill in as her new partner and help her get a good shot at her dreams.

The Last Castle

9.The Last Castle

A heroic general is put in a military jail because of his insubordination. The prison is run by a hard-nosed warden and we can quickly see a battle of the wills emerge between these two hard-nosed people. A unique and exciting tale.

365 days

10.365 days

365 Days is the story of a powerful man who gets what he wants at all costs. He is well connected and related to one of the biggest mafias in the region. A young woman becomes his latest victim as she is imprisoned, and he gives her a period of 365 days to fall in love with him. This one is filled with explicit content.

Top 10 series on Netflix India this week

Jupiter’s Legacy

1.Jupiter’s Legacy

Jupiter’s legacy finds itself on Netflix India’s Top 10 list as it revolves around first-generation heroes. These heroes have had their time to prove their worth and mantle but things begin to heat up as they get ready to pass the torch to their children with tensions rising everywhere and the realization that the old rules do not apply anymore.



Sex is an important part of life and a teenager with raging hormones feels the pressure more than anybody else. A sexually inexperienced student gets together with her friends as they must try to explore the different aspects of the world of intimacy while trying to build an innovative sex app to win a tech competition.

Money heist

3.Money heist

Money Heist is a gripping heist thriller that shows where a group of robbers attempt to undertake one of the most audacious heists ever in the world. This team of ragtag criminals with a lot of experience is recruited by the criminal mastermind, “The Professor.” The robbers will have to fight obstacles both external and internal if they are to get what they came for.

Shadow Bone

4.Shadow Bone

Shadow and Bone got all Netflix users extremely excited when it came out and finds itself in a good spot in Netflix India’s Top 10 list. It is the story of an orphan mapmaker Alina Starkov as the dark forces conspire against her when she releases an extraordinary power that can change the fate of the world that has been ravaged by war.



The American sitcom has been ruling our hearts for decades now and is almost omnipresent in the list of Netflix India’s Top 10. Friends are the story of a close group of friends who come together almost every day and share their problems and happiness with each other. It is the perfect thing to binge on a lazy Sunday along with your siblings or your gang.

The Blacklist

6.The Blacklist

The Blacklist on Netflix revolves around a wanted fugitive who is willing to give himself up to the law which is very surprising but he has a single condition that he will work only with the new recruit Elizabeth Keen.



Vincenzo is the story of a Korean Italian Mafia lawyer who believes in his own brand of justice and takes on some really powerful people. During a visit to his motherland (Korea), he gives a huge mafia conglomerate a taste of their own medicine. He is also pitted against a defence attorney who is willing to go to any lengths to prove that her clients are innocent.

The Bold Type

8.The Bold Type

Three millennials are trying to craft their life at a women’s magazine where they have to juggle their careers, romances, and friendships together. They have to do all of this simultaneously while trying to find their inner voice plus getting acquainted with life in the modern city.

Lucifer netflix


Being the lord of hell may not be as exciting as he thought it would so Lucifer decides to come down and open up a Nightclub in Los Angeles as he forms a connection with a homicide detective, this is a funny and unique take on Lucifer and is a great watch.

El Inocente

10.El Inocente

‘El Innocente’ or ‘The Innocent’ is a Spanish limited series where an accidental murder takes a man on a dark and sinister path filled with unwanted twists. Just as he begins to get his life on track while finding love and freedom a phone call brings back all the nightmares.

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