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Netflix Original Crates Uproar For A Kissing Scene

By Binged TeamBinged - June 15, 2019 @ 1:08 pm

Netflix Original Jinn Crates Uproar For A Kissing SceneIt is not just the US, or UK or Indian; Netflix is making inroads into many markets with original products. Recently we heard them order fresh series and movie in Korea and a few months ago it was the same case with India.

While producing original content is a good thing, Netflix seems to be following a strategy of upsetting the sentiments of the locals to get immediate attention. In India, we have had the Sacred Games and The Lust stories. Now, the same is happening in Jordan, where a kiss scene is creating an uproar.

Netflix recently released Jinn, its first original in Jordan, a Middle Eastern country. The locals are spewing fire on the Netflix for making such an immoral show which is against the ethos and values of the people of Jordan.

Jinn is a supernatural series involving Genies as the title suggests. The show is about the teenagers of a school who encounter good and bad genies during one of their school trips. It shows a girl from class kiss another boy in a couple of scenes.

The top prosecutor of Jordon has demanded the Cybercrime department to take immediate necessary actions to stop the streaming due to the presence of those scenes. It echoed the feelings of the Jordanians who expressed the show be Censored immediately. However, many point out the double standards of the people who are going after the girl but are silent on the boy who also kisses.

Netflix is yet to make any statement, but if the noise gets loud enough involving the government officials, they will have to come up with an explanation.

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