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Netflix Planning To Bring Kunchacko Boban’s ‘Nayattu’ For Streaming

By Binged Binged Bureau - May 3, 2021 @ 6:36 pm

Netflix Planning To Bring Kunchacko Boban’s ‘Nayattu’ For StreamingMartin Prakkat directed and co-produced film, ‘Nayattu’ is planning to take the OTT route by the end of this month, as per current reports. With the recent rise in cases Covid-19 cases and many theatres in Kerala being forced to close down due to lack of customers, the Kunchacko Boban starring film is planning to stream on the international OTT, Netflix. The streaming giant reportedly had talks with the film’s producers and have decided on a date to release the film on the platform. Nothing has been officially announced yet, but we expect a statement from one of the parties involved soon.

Just after the end of the first week of April, Kunchacko Boban’s much anticipated social survival thriller film, ‘Nayattu’ released in theatres worldwide (and in Kerala) without much fanfare. The film didn’t start off well at the box office, but by the time the second week since its release came around, Malayalam film fanatics everywhere were buzzing about the movie. ‘Nayattu’ still hasn’t managed to even get half of its production cost back, but that is to be expected with the aforementioned rise in Covid cases around the globe (and in Kerala especially) – but the movie is considered to be one of the best Malayalam movies of 2021, after ‘Drishyam 2’. No wonder, Netflix wants a piece of this action.

‘Nayattu’ follows the characters portrayed by Kunchacko Boban, Joju George, and Nimisha Sajayan. These three will all play cops who are on a run after accidentally getting involved in a crime, which involved the death of a man belonging to a minority community. Now, they have to evade a mob, fellow police officers and greedy politicians to survive. The movie had its theatrical release on April 8 and quickly became a hit among Malayalam film critics and film fanatics. However, the screening of the movie was canceled last week owing to the second wave of COVID-19.

Because of all this, it makes sense that ‘Nayattu’ will be available for online viewing. With it being almost impossible to go to a theatre, it is much safer to view the film from the safety of your homes, at least until this second wave of the coronavirus dies down. For more information on either the movie or the theatre situation in Kerala, follows us on Twitter or here, on our website.

Nayattu is expected to stream on Netflix on May 25th 2021.