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Netflix’s ‘Fatma’ Is About A Woman-Centric Crime Thriller Like No Other

By Binged Binged Bureau - April 12, 2021 @ 5:36 pm

Netflix’s ‘Fatma’ Is About A Woman-Centric Crime Thriller Like No OtherNetflix dropped the trailer for their upcoming Turkish crime drama series ‘Fatma’, on their official YouTube channel and it is quite intriguing. ‘Ressurection: Ertugul’, ‘Black Money Love’ and ‘Love Me As I Am’ among many others are examples of good Turkish acquisitions made by Netflix over the years and recently, we have been getting a lot of brilliant Turkish content on Netflix such as ‘The Gift’, ‘50M2’ and ‘Ethos’ – so our expectations for this upcoming thriller drama series are high.

Ominous and chilling, the trailer starts off with two men approaching the titular protagonist, Fatma Yilmaz. Throughout this 90 second trailer, Fatma is either walking in some direction or she is looking at someone outside the vision of the camera. The trailer does not reveal much about the movie, but the synopsis within the video description does give away a lot of information, giving us an idea why Fatma is doing the previously mentioned activities.

Fatma is a normal house cleaner, who just came out of an emotional tragedy (not mentioned). Now her husband has gone missing and she is going from house to house, looking for him, living a string of dead bodies as she passes through (We do not know if she is the one killing them or if there are other people involved). The trailer shows her being interviewed by cops who think she killed a few of these people, but she was tricked into committing these crimes.

The trailer does help us piece together a few things, but we are waiting for the series to drop on Netflix before we speculate. The series looks interesting enough and we can’t wait for this woman-lead crime thriller serial drop on the OTT platform.

‘Fatma’ will premiere on Netflix, by the end of this month on April 27th 2021.