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Netflix’s Like a Mother: Showcasing the Struggles of a Mother!

By Binged Binged Bureau - May 9, 2021 @ 9:30 am

Netflix’s Like a Mother: Showcasing the Struggles of a Mother!Netflix is always known for its innovative content and marketing strategy. Its titles have taken us by storm and not only provide us with a lot of entertainment but also with a lot of knowledge from time to time. ‘Like a Mother’ revolves around the lives of mothers who are balancing different things in their life along with trying to keep their family safe and happy.

Netflix has just released the 1st short episode on its YouTube handle. The first episode takes us on the journey of Dr. Jelyn Lu who is a mother of three and has to balance her family as well as career. Being a doctor demands a lot from you but so does being a mother and juggling both of them is not as easy as these brave warriors make them look.

Dr. Jelyn Lu is the first woman in this social series created by Netflix. It is directed by Lara Everly, produced by Jessica Stamen and Virginia Melin. Being a mother isn’t always a bed of roses but many a time the women make it look so effortless that we forget how tough a task it can actually be.

Taking care of the household along with raising your children can be quite the task and deserves a lot of appreciation. This mother’s day is the perfect time for you to acknowledge just how big an impact your mother has played in your life because we all know that nobody can replace a mother.

This social series is just one of many that highlight the different aspects of our society that we take for granted so often.

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