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Netflix’s Lupin: Recreating the Magic of This Classic French Thief

By Binged Binged Bureau - December 4, 2020 @ 9:30 am

Lupin Netflix Series
Netflix released the official teaser of Lupin quite some time ago but has only recently released the English trailer of the Netflix adaptation of the famous French thief. Netflix’s Lupin will release as a limited Netflix series based on Maurice Leblanc’s Arsene Lupin (a pivotal character in a French detective story).

This twisted tale comes with an intriguing backstory so let us delve a bit more into that. Assane Diop’s life was completely changed when his father was convicted of a crime that he never committed, and 25 years later, he is still looking for redemption. ‘Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar’ is the book that he uses for his inspiration as he plans to pull off a highly intricate heist.

While there have been quite a few French Netflix specials on the platforms but Netflix’s Lupin seems to be one of the most ambitious projects that have come to fruition in the recent past. French actor and comedian Omar Sy plays the main lead of the film as he turns on the charm in a bid to undertake one of the most elaborate heists in France.

There is a story for every action, and there is one here too as Assane is trying to avenge the injustice that was inflicted upon him by a wealthy family. They say that misdirection is the most significant quality of any magician so be careful and ask yourself are you just seeing it or are you really looking.

Netflix’s Lupin is created by the directors of Now You See Me and comes to Netflix on 8th January.

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