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Netflix’s My Love: Documenting Love Across the Globe!

By Binged Binged Bureau - March 18, 2021 @ 1:42 pm

My Love: Six Stories of True Love

Love is many different things for different people. It could be the small daily things that you do for someone or those grandiose plans that you create. Netflix’s My Love takes us on a journey of 6 couples across the globe as it documents a year in the lives of these elderly couples.

Inspired by the Korean documentary ‘My Love Don’t Cross that River’, Netflix’s My Love takes us on a path across cultures and how the different couples adapt to the traditions and settings of those cultures so that their love may blossom.

This series has got a host of directors as it takes a look at the lives of elderly couples from places all around the world like Brazil, India, Japan, Korea, the U.S, and Spain. Carolina S.A, Deepti Kakkar, Fahd Mustafa, Hikaru Toda, Jin Moyong, Guy Pereira, and Ellen Macmillion Sheldon are the list of directors for this docuseries.

We are all used to seeing a highly romaticised version of love on the big as well as the small screen with the heor usually flaunting his ripped body or the girl playing the damsel in distress and many such cinematic scenarios. While all of these make for good viewing not many of them describe ‘love’ in its most raw form as observed in reality.

Netflix’s ‘My Love’ is a documentation of love as it is witnessed without the humdrum of any special effects team or scripted verses. It aims to throw light on how the couples have managed to keep the spark alive for so long and will surely bring a smile to your face.

My Love will stream on Netflix on 13th April.