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Netflix’s New Docuseries ‘the Pharmacist’ Is a True Crime Story That’ll Chill You to the Bone

By Binged Rashmi Paharia - February 5, 2020 @ 11:43 am

Netflix's-New-Docuseries-'the-Pharmacist'-Is-a-True-Crime-Story-That'll-Chill-You-to-the-BoneFans of the detective and crime genre are in for a treat as Netflix releases an intriguing docuseries today on its platform, titled ‘The Pharmacist’.

The docuseries is a limited series, falling in the ‘true crime’ genre — a genre that is all the rage in the digital domain in recent times. Within those four episodes, viewers will discover a father’s lone battle to hunt down his son’s killers. And then, going into even more dangerous territory, his fight — single-handed, mind you — against a systemic opioid epidemic that has wrought scores of teenagers to become dangerously addicted to high-power opioid drugs.

The Pharmacist is the story of Dan Schneider, a man based in Poydras, Louisiana, who runs a small pharmacy. His teenaged son is murdered during a drug deal, and the police is least interested in finding the killers. That is when he determines to hunt down the killers and get them off the street to prevent other young men losing their lives in a similar way.

His quest to find his son’s killers leads him to an even bigger issue – the systemic prescription of opioids to teenagers by a high level doctor, leading to an almost epidemic-like scenario of drug addiction in young men and women. The series follows Dan as he digs deeper into the scam, repeatedly knocks on the doors of the authorities with his painstakingly-collected incriminating evidence, and compels the media, public, police and government agencies such as DEA to take notice.

It is a hard-hitting and eye-opening series, guaranteed to move you to the core. Opioid drug addiction is a full-blown menace in the USA, with around 200 young people dying every single day due to opioid overdose.

The Pharmacist premieres on Netflix today, 5th February, at around 1:30 pm India time.

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