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Not Satisfied With One Platform

By Binged TeamBinged - June 18, 2019 @ 2:20 pm

Not Satisfied With One PlatformThere is a reason why every streaming platform is trying to make inroads in the Indian market. A massive surge and domination are expected in the coming days. A new survey conducted recently also shows a similar graph and gives some interesting information.

The survey done suggests that Indian consumers are not happy with a single digital platform. They are hungry for content and prefer watching them on multiple platforms. It is a common phenomenon seen across the country and not restricted to urban areas.

The chances of multiple OTT platforms increase with the increase in the price of the mobile. The costlier it is, the number of OTT platforms being accessed also increases. This trend is what the content providers are happy with and want to exploit further.

As one might expect, Hotstar is the leading OTT platform in India by a distance. The surprising entry though is MX Player, which is the second most viewed and also contains the most loyal audience base. The Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are behind compared to them.

The online platforms are not complaining one bit about the video-hungry audience. They are toiling hard to meet the diverse demands of the existing and new customers.

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