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Pihu on Netflix: A 2-Year-Old Single Handedly Runs The Show

By Binged TeamBinged - July 4, 2019 @ 4:05 pm

Pihu on Netflix A 2-Year-Old Single Handedly Runs Vinod Kapri’s Film‘Every child deserves a parent, but not every parent deserves a child’, Vinod Kapri had said during the promotions of his film ‘Pihu’. With only one child in the screen, ‘Pihu’ becomes a film with a solo character, supported by an extremely engaging script.

It begins with a girl, surrounded in a clumsy house. She is happy about the birthday party which happened a day before, but is now really hungry and wants to be caressed by her mother. Pihu remains unaware that her mother committed suicide, and with her father off to a meeting in Kolkata, she is all by herself, without meals. The two year old, fails to understand why her mother is unable to wake up. She slaps her, pushes her with all the strength her two year old body can give, and when she still doesn’t show a sign of waking up, Pihu sits beside the dead body and plays with her toys. This movie gets scary even without the presence of any ghost in it. Pihu attempts to make her own meal but ends up bursting the water heater instead. Not just that, in an attempt to heat up her meal she ends up burning it. In Vinod Kapri’s film, the only support the child receives is from the heated objects dangerously surrounding her, like fire, spilled milk, a hot iron, and uncovered wires.

Each time she takes a step, the audience hopes to see a superhero magically come and save her life, but this is inspired from a real story so that is the last thing to happen in ‘Pihu’. Hence, when she steps in front of a burning stove, or goes in front of the gas cylinder, or climbs the rods of the veranda to get the exact location of the doll she dropped from the 22nd floor (probably) of a residential apartment, we shiver in fear and hope that the girl finds a rescuer. Each time she is surrounded by danger, she innocently manages to escape from a horrifying accident, until the end, where she pops in a few sleeping pills, which her mother used to kill herself.

‘Pihu’ is available on Netflix and Jio Cinema.

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