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Trailer Talk: A Funny Mixture Of Genres

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - May 7, 2019 @ 2:48 pm

Rim of the World Trailer Talk: A Funny Mixture Of GenresThe trailer of yet another Netflix original film has dropped. The movie is Rim of the World directed by McG. It is a kid’s movie from start to end where they take on aliens.

Rim of the World brings together a blend of various genres and packages it with a lot of fun. There is the park reminiscent of the Jurassic world, and then there are the kids trying their best not to channel the Stranger Things, and finally there are alien attacks and fight to save the world. It is all brought together entertainingly.

Jack Gore, Benjamin Flores Jr, Alessio Scalzotto, and Miya Cech are the kids taking charge in Rim of the World. Thanks to the writer Zack Stentz, the film is getting a lot of traction as he has been behind quite a few projects which centre around the kids or are made for kids and that won a lot of appreciation.

Rim of the World will come online on May 24th. Stranger Things has been a massive success for Netflix. We have to wait and see if Rim of the World manages to click with the same group similarly. The trailer inevitably raises the hopes for a fun outing.

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