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Sacred Games Director Quits Social Media

By TeamBinged    @binged_ - August 11, 2019 @ 3:44 pm

Sacred Games Director Anurag Kashyap Quits Social MediaAnurag Kashyap and controversies go hand in hand. It is because of the outspoken nature of the director who doesn’t mind mincing words when expressing his opinions.

For the past many years, Anurag Kashyap has been on the wrong side of the right-wing politicians, which is ruling the country. It seems that finally, a threshold has been breached. The director has decided to quit the social media (Twitter) and deleted his account.

While abuses and online bullying is common for celebrities, personal and the family threat is taking it too far. Sensing the same, Anurag Kashyap has decided to get out of the trouble by being not active in the first place.

It has been an unfortunate decision as his new series, the second season of Sacred Games 2 is about to release in a few days. Maybe it could also be the content in the web series which might have scared him. As many are aware, there are strong religious undertones in Sacred Games 2.

The new season of Sacred Games 2 will be out on Independence Day on Netflix. Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddique lead the show which is set in the political and mafia underbelly of Mumbai.

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