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Trailer Talk – Servant, Classic M Night Shyamalan Psychological Horror

By Siddartha Toleti - November 7, 2019 @ 10:30 am

servant-trailer-talk-servant-classic-m-night-shyamalan-psychological-horrorApple TV+ has made a quiet entry into the streaming realm; quiet because none of current shows it is currently streaming has made much of an impact in the cluttered OTT space. That is about to change, if one is to go by the freshly-dropped trailer of its marquee production – M Night Shyamalan’s creepy psychological horror story, simply called ‘Servant’.

Apple TV+ has just released the trailer, and it is one heck of a creepy ride. A couple of teasers, released some time ago, had already raised our heckles, but we discovered that the trailer is infinitely more terrifying than those.

The trailer introduces us to a young couple, Sean and Dorothy Turner, played by Toby Kebbell and Lauren Ambrose, who hire a nanny to care for their infant son. Then comes the shocker — the baby is just a doll, an eerily life-like one, but the fact doesn’t seem to make even a teeny bit of difference to the nanny Leanne, played by Nell Tiger Free (Game of Thrones), who carries on with her nanny duties as if nothing is amiss.

We soon realise that the nanny they’ve hired is more frightening than the couple and its crazy obsession with keeping a life-like doll in place of their dead 13-month old son. The trailer also introduces us to another crucial player in the mix – Julian Pearce, close friend of the Turners. The part is played by Rupert Grint, who had previously played the lovable Ron in Harry Potter.

Apparently, Julian Pearce has something to hide, and maybe it’s to do with the death of the Turners’ infant son. The trailer picks up pace alarmingly as it progresses, and the sound effects become more and more disturbing, in a spine-chilling way.

Blaring car horns, chilling screams and petrifying dialogues hurtle us towards the end, leaving us with a sickening fear in the gut. The trailer is definitely creepy, and sets the tone for what is to follow – a legit fear-fest, in the true tradition of M Night Shyamalan’s brand of horror.

Watch the trailer below. Servant has been created and written by Tony Basgallop, who will also executive produce alongside M Night Shyamalan. Servant releases on Apple TV+ on 28th November 2019.

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