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Shershaah: The True Tribute To Captain Vikram Batra!

By Binged Binged Bureau - August 3, 2021 @ 5:52 pm

Shershaah: The True Tribute To Captain Vikram Batra!We are just days away from the “Shershaah” release on the 12th of August. Fans are excited to witness how this movie will pan out. Amazon Prime Video, the streaming platform where “Shershaah” will release have been promoting it with full gusto and enthusiasm and it most definitely should. “Shershaah” celebrates the life and story of Kargil’s hero Captain Vikram Batra. No words will be enough to describe his resilience, his bravery, his courage, and most of all his sacrifice for the motherland.

Just when we are a few days away from the release, Amazon Prime Video dropped a brand new Behind The Scene video of “Shershaah” and trust us when we say this, that video is nothing less than inspiring, heart-touching, and emotional all at the same time. The behind the scene mainly focuses on how Sidharth Malhotra worked out for the movie and how he prepped to get into the role of Captain Vikram Batra.

It was emotional when Kiara Advani in the video mentions how Capt. Vikram Batra’s parents’ when they first saw Sidharth Malhotra reacted. They kept on telling how he resembles their son and how they reminded them of him. That in itself is most definitely a big compliment for someone, especially when it comes from the people who gave birth to that hero. Captain Batra’s life was nothing less than inspiring and it clearly showed in every way he lived his life.

He must have been very stylish when it came to his civilian life because there was a point where they mentioned how he loved shopping. To fit in the role of Captain Batra even more, the team brought in members of Captain Batra’s team who were also his friends. They without fail remembered how extroverted, how lovable and how friendly he was. He was the definition of that perfect Punjabi boy that everyone expected.

Training for the role was one of the most important parts, this was also the first time Sidharth Malhotra was essaying a real-life character. To play it perfectly and not let down anyone is definitely a big part. Sidharth Malhotra went all out for the role. He not only trained thoroughly for the role but also researched enough about his life to make the impact on the audience even more strong. As his friends and family said, Sidharth dived so much into his life that they could see how he had started resembling him.

From his way of styling to his way of talking Sidharth perfected everything. The reason behind this? A hero like Captain Vikram Batra who went on to sacrifice everything to win the war, and protect his motherland, needed the utmost respect, and the only way to give him that respect was to be like him in every sense and means.

We don’t know how the movie will turn out to be, but the dedication Sidharth Malhotra has shown and the story that will be portrayed on the screens definitely needs attention, affection, and respect from every single one out there. The journey for Sidharth Malhotra to turn into Captain Batra wasn’t easy but neither was the journey easy for Captain Batra himself and that is the reason today, Captain Vikram Batra is hailed as a hero and an integral factor in making India win the Kargil War.

We definitely can say that after this, everyone will be saying “Yeh Dil Maange More”, just like how Captain Vikram Batra did.

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