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Should OTT Platforms Delve Further into the Sci-Fi Genre?

By Binged Binged Bureau - January 19, 2021 @ 3:48 pm

OTT Sci FiThe Sci-Fi genre is one place where the Indian entertainment industry is still what one can call in its nascent phase.

We have seen a lot of mind-boggling thrillers as well as perfectly executed whodunnits created with the new revolution of the OTT era. Digital Platforms are looking for different ways to create engaging content to pull more viewers towards them.

The people are slowly pivoting towards unique content and Ak vs Ak was a prime example of how nonlinear storytelling was also highly appreciated by the audiences as it gives them something different.

Cargo and JL 50 are a few examples of an attempt at Sci-Fi and there have also been a few from Zee 5 which were more of a hit and miss but there still seems to be a lot of potential in the genre if only it is executed properly.

India is a treasure trove of knowledge and one can simply look at our dense history of mythology for inspiration but then again one has to be careful if one wants to tread on sensitive topics. The OTT platform market is booming in India as the younger generation is slowly migrating to it for greater choice.

Whenever we discuss the Sci-Fi genre, we only talk about Hollywood franchises or their cult classics whereas Bollywood has come up with very little in this genre that can truly do justice to it.

As more and more players come into the fray it will only become more competitive as the people will look at their value for content and if mined properly Sci-Fi can be a really good tool.