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Shows And Movies That Ruled Netflix India In February

By Binged Binged Bureau - March 1, 2021 @ 7:31 pm

Shows And Movies That Ruled Netflix India In February 2021We are entering the third month of the year 2021 and for the past two months we saw some great releases coming our way. Content has been a key for all that has released. Netflix as always released a lot of content this month too but like everytime only some make it up to the top. With Netflix India, catering to such a huge chunk of population, it is obvious that differences in the preferences will occur. This is what helps Netflix in bringing up the top 10 most watched list in Netflix.

As the month of February started, some shows and movies from January itself were ruling the charts. “The White Tiger” being one of them. The story resonated so well with everyone, that till the 2nd week of February, it was in the top 10 in Netflix. While now, it isn’t in the overall list, it still can be found in the list for movies section.

Fate: The Winx Saga” was another series that kept up with its position in the list. Released on 22nd January, the series made it into the charts for quite some time in February too. The show is a drama series based on the super hit cartoon series The Winx Club.

At the moment, all the major spots are taken over Indian productions. “The Girl On The Train”, starring Parineeti Chopra, Aditi Rao Hydari and Kriti Kulhari, the movie has been leading the charts ever since it released on the 26th of February. Apart from that anthology film “Zindagi In Short” has also been in the list, since its release. The movie released on the 19th of February and ever since that has made its mark on the charts. The movie is a combination of 7 different stories and is a Flipkart Original Video.

Another Indian reality show was on the charts for more than a week since its release and it was “The Big Day”. Released on the 14th of February, it showed the story of couples and their extravagant way of getting married. The show was quite well received all over. 2 more from down South have been ruling and those are Netflix’s first Telugu original film “Pitta Kathalu” and another Telugu film “Red”.

From the South Korean side, “Space Sweepers” that released on 5th of February stayed on the charts for around 2 weeks. The movie is South Korea’s first ever space movie. While that happened, a limited series, “Behind Her Eyes”, released on the 17th of February eerily crept up into the top 10 chart for Netflix India. Along with all these, “Brooklyn 99” released its 7th season on Netflix India on the 10th of February and being a fan favourite, it has successfully maintained itself in the Top 10 list in India.

In the past few days, another old show has again come up in the Top 10 list and that is “Money Heist”. The hype for the show has come up once again, as the rumors for season 5 is coming out strong now. All these rankings sometimes change within days and sometimes within weeks, but one that has been a constant in the Top 10 charts for Netflix India has been “FRIENDS”. Friends has been a show that has continuously stayed on top of all the other old shows and maintained its position.