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Spark OTT- A Look Inside What This Brand New OTT Platform Has To Offer!

By Binged Binged Bureau - May 15, 2021 @ 5:57 pm

Spark OTT- A Look Inside What This Brand New OTT Platform Has To Offer!In these tough times, people everywhere are looking for something that can distract them from whatever is going on outside. With all theatres and cinema halls locked down, the only thing keeping us sane is the entertainment through OTT platforms. We have so many of them but there will never be enough, because not everyone can provide you with everything.

Now, keeping all this in mind, a brand new OTT platform is here to set its mark. Behold, Spark OTT, the latest OTT to enter the scene. Spark OTT promises to offer a completely new level of entertainment with its unique and one of a kind themes and content that will cater primarily to the new-age audience.

Spark is a unit of the UK-based Incrivel technologies Pvt Ltd, which is now venturing into the world of Indian OTT market. Spark OTT is venture from director Ram Gopal Varma and entrepreneur Sagar Machanuru . In fact, RGV’s latest movie which is based on Dawood Ibrahim and is titled “D Company” will be releasing directly through the platform.

Varma has described Machanuru as a visionary, young entrepreneur and that there is something in him that made him believe he is the right person to start this venture with. While Managing Director Sagar Manchuru has mentioned that through this platform, they want to provide entertainment for all kinds of tastes and sensibilities. He has also mentioned that the content that will be available on the platform will be inspired by events and stories that not many people have come across, making this even more unique.

Spark OTT has talked about having its head office set in Goa. The platform will have its branch offices in Hyderabad as well as also in the major metro cities of the country.

The streaming platform that is going live on 15th of May already have an array of content planned to keep the audience entertained, some of these are:

D Company:

Ram Gopal Varma’s latest movie follows the journey of one of the most dreaded gangster Dawood Ibrahim who took his small-time gang and turned into one world’s biggest crime syndicate.

Kanabaduta leduu:

Sunil’s latest suspense thriller tells the story of a food delivery boy and supervisor in a supermarket. It will follow how their love story will end up becoming a crime.


Ram Gopal Varma’s medical thriller will tell the story of a miracle drug. A drug that was invented to stop ageing and hence preventing death. From the top it seems like the perfect drug, but all this comes falling down when a horrifying truth comes out.

Cab Stories:

Written and directed by K V N Rajesh, Cab Stories follows the relationship journey of four different people travelling in a cab. As they travel, their stories come across various twists and turns till they reach their destination, making all of these one of a kind.

Idhi Mahabharatham kaadu:

Well, this isn’t Mahabharata, but wouldn’t be fun to know what would have happened to them if they existed now. Idhi Mahabharatham kaadu takes a look into characters from Mahabharata and what would happen to them if they were present in 2021 in a small village in Telangana.

The Dead Are Alive:

A Ram Gopal Varma film, the story is based on the concept that dead people are still and are living amongst us. No one knows who is who and no one knows how to kill the ones that are already dead.


It is based around a village and is a complete political drama. Based on true events, it is said that even Lord Bheem wouldn’t set foot in BheemuniPatnam.


Directed by Shekhar Raju, this will tell about a secretary and how everything was fine until the day she joined office.

Teravenaka bhagotam:

This brings the real life stories of filmy people out in the open for the audience to enjoy.

Dirty Stories:

A Ram Gopal Varma project, Dirty Stories will tell stories of fun and thrills, filled with something that is made for everyone.


Newton tells a very unique story between police and a guy. While the original Newton found out gravity, Newton here has successfully dug out the mysteries of the politics going around.

Disha Encounter:

Based on a horrific rape incident that occurred in the November of 2019 in Hyderabad, the movie follows how such incidents keep on happening even after so much is done over and over again to bring justice. The story will also look into how the justification of encountered killings are answered.

Prem క Honey:

This is a simple story. A guy named Prem falls head over heels for a girl named Honey. That’s it. This is where the story of their love begins.

RGV missing:

A Ram Gopal Varma Film, tells the fictional story based on a real person. The story follows a filmmaker going missing and how the state’s ex chief minister and his son are under the limelight for the kidnapping and also the entire film industry.


Helmed as one of the first lesbian action crime film, the story will follow the love story between two women. The film promises to be filled with as much emotion as one expects from a lovestory between a man and a woman.


One of the most stubborn men in Indian Politics since Mahatma Gandhi. This follows the life and story of Andhra Pradesh’s very own Chief Minister.

Flat no 143:

No one knows what happened inside this flat. It is only upto the people that knows about the Flat No. 143 to tell the story of what went inside the dreaded Flat No. 143.

These are just few from the amazing line up that Spark OTT has at the moment. Already starting with a bang, the platform is now all set to a complete new benchmark in the world of Indian OTT platforms.

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