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Stranger Things Star-Kid Faces Flack For Prank Show

By Binged TeamBinged - June 18, 2019 @ 3:08 pm

gaten matarazzoStranger Things first premiered in 2016, and since then it has been no looking back for the primary star cast comprising of kids and a few adults. The famous faces have already tried different stuff with some working in big-budget Hollywood productions, as well.

Amongst the kid’s cast was also Gaten Matarazzo, who got extremely popular as Dustin. Much like Eleven, he has a separate fan following. Given that sort of exposure, it isn’t any wonder that Gaten too has tried something outside of the series.

It was recently announced that Gaten Matarazzo would be hosting a reality prank show titled Prank Encounters for Netflix itself. While the announcement to venture and explore was welcomed, the concept has met with mostly negative reception.

Prank Encounters will have individuals go through wild things assuming its part of a part-time job. Only to be revealed in the end that it has been fake all along. Gaten Matarazzo is going to host this show and ever since the premise was revealed, fans are pushing aggressively to let him reconsidering his decision. Many feel it plays with the emotion of a guy searching for jobs and wastes his time and term it as cruel. We have to see if Gaten heeds to the fans plea online or not.

Meanwhile, the third season of Stranger Things is all set to stream online from July 4th. It is the next big event series for the binge-watching community after the recently concluded Game Of Thrones season.

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